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Fake Hostel - Role Play Gone Wrong

Watch Full Video at: Fake Hostel
Watch Full Video at: Fake Hostel
Duration: 8:09 Views: 18K Submitted: 6 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Raul Costa and Aaeysha have checked into the Fake Hostel for some naughty get-away fun. As things get more intimate, Aaeysha reveals to Raul that she has always wanted to try role play. She asks him to surprise her in their room, put his hand over her mouth, and takes her from behind. As Aaeysha gets ready, she fails to notice Leanne Lace resting in a bed across the room. Upon seeing Raul beginning to dominate Aaeysha, Leanne takes out her trusty taser and subdues Raul, only for Aaeysha to admonish her for the mistake. In order to make it up to the couple, Leanne offers them a three-way, and Raul comes to see both ladies giving him a blowjob. With four boobs, two asses, and two tight pussies to fuck, Raul is in heaven.
Channel: Fake Hostel
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